our story

While on a college graduation adventure in Peru, which we gifted to ourselves, we discovered that both of us had a touch of the "entrepreneurial spirit" and decided that upon our arrival home starting a small business would be the first thing we would do to begin our journey into the adult world. 

Much of our relationship, time, and passion is focused on food so it was only natural for us to make that the focus of our business. We wanted to do something unique, fun, and appealing to everyone so we settled on cookie dough. Just about everyone you meet has a bit of nostalgia for the delicious unbaked dessert, whether it be fond memories of making it with a family member or sneaking a few bites of it from the mixing bowl, it's part of everyone's story in some way. 

As we worked through all the nitty-gritty of starting a small business we dreamed of how we wanted to present our product and our brand. We purchased a 1978 Volkswagen Beetle and learned to drive stick; now we bring it with us when we do pop-up shops and park it in front of our signature teal tent. 

We hope you'll keep an eye out for us as we travel around Kentucky in our bug to host pop-up shops so that we can share our love of cookie dough with you.